Mew’s Tavern is a long-time favorite of locals in the Wakefield area. They’re famous for their huge tap list of craft beers, their awesome burgers, some fantastic pizza, and the tree in the main dining room. But it doesn’t stop there: there’s comfort food galore coming out of this kitchen, everything from gourmet mac’n’cheese to seafood, sandwiches, and creative appetizers. Have a peek below and head into the kitchen with us in our “South County Sampler” episode.

  • bacon_burger_mews
  • buff_wings
  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza
    with blue cheese and scallions
  • mews_tavern
    Downstairs bar
  • Eggplant parmesan pizza
  • Fish'n'chips
  • Fried fish sandwich
  • fried_mozzarella
  • Bacon mushroom burger
  • jalapeno_burger
  • lobster_macncheese
  • nachos
  • pastrami_wings
  • pizza_in_oven
  • mews_tavern_mac_cheese
  • pork_macncheese
  • pulled_pork_nachos
  • reuben
  • salmon_bourbon
  • tots
  • mews_tavern