South County is often referred to as Rhode Island’s “hidden gem.” Covering a wide swath from East Greenwich to Point Judith and west to the Connecticut border, it’s a region of tremendous natural beauty and diversity. From bustling fishing ports and long sandy beaches, to the rolling farmland and deep forests of the interior, there’s something for everyone here. And hidden amongst all this natural beauty are some fantastic places to eat. In this episode, we get a taste of the diversity and deliciousness that South County has to offer.

In this episode:

George’s of Galilee
The Breachway Grill
Rhythm & Roots Festival

Featured Dishes:

  • Pulled Pork Mac'n'cheese, Mew's Tavern
    with crispy onions and bbq sauce
  • House smoked chicken pizza
    with gorgonzola and spring onions
  • spinach_ravioli
    Spinach and cheese ravioli, Casa Della Luce
    with sundried tomato cream sauce & pine nuts
  • Cavatelli, Casa della Luce
    with sopressatta and broccoli rabe
  • breachway_fisht_tacos
    Fish tacos, Breachway Grill
  • Chicken Scarpiello, Breachway Grill
    with hot peppers, sausage, and white wine

George’s of Galilee
We’ll start our exploration of the Pt. Judith/Narragansett area with a visit to George’s of Galilee, one of the oldest and best-known seafood restaurants in Rhode Island. Still family owned, the Durfees can trace their local heritage, as well as some of their family recipes, back to the 1600’s. Today George’s is making a push into utilizing local fish species that are plentiful but not often seen on menus.

The Breachway Grill
The Breachway Grill, on the road towards Charlestown Beach and the Breachway, has quickly become the area’s favorite spot for a huge variety of dishes, including authentic New York style pizza, Italian-inspired pasta dishes, fresh seafood, and amazing burgers and sandwiches.

Rhythm and Roots Festival
A Labor Day tradition, Rhythm and Roots brings some of the finest American roots music to Charlestown, but it also brings something else: food. Lots of great food! We get a taste of everything from seafood to BBQ to Indian and everything in between.