Episode Overview:

We’re heading back down to South County for another taste of this diverse, beautiful region. We’ll start off our episode at the other end of South County, in the city of Westerly, having a taste of some of the best hand-made pasta and pizza in Rhode Island at Casa della Luce. Nest we head back to the east side of the county, to Narragansett for the Annual Calamari Festival, where over a dozen restaurants compete for the title of Best Calamari with some outrageously creative calamari presentations. . Calamari is the official appetizer of the State of Rhode Island, and nearby Pt. Judith brings in more world-class squid than any other port in America. Next we’ll meet the two avid mycologists behind the Mushroom Hunting Foundation, who scour the woods of South County and beyond – in all seasons – looking for the incredible diversity of wild edible mushrooms to be found in local forests. We wrap up our episode with a visit to the Taste of South County Festival, where some of South County’s best flavors are on display in the big tent at Clarke’s Farms.

In this episode (click the link for more):
Casa della Luce
The Calamari Festival
The Mushroom Hunting Foundation 

Home made pasta dishes from Casa della Luce.

The mushroom hunters with a fall find.

Fierce competition at the Calamari Fest.

Host/producer Ali at the Taste of South RI.