Pour Judgment is one of the key players in the rebirth of Broadway. The brainchild of long-time local bartender and restaurant manager, Hank Whitin, the pub was opened in 2009 in the space formerly occupied by the bar called Friends, a popular local hangout. Hank kept the low-key, local vibe but added some personal touches, such as his own artwork (he is a prolific and talented artist), and set out to create the best craft beer tap list in town. He also put a lot of thought into the menu, which features dishes with a level of quality and sophistication not usually associated with a local beer bar. Hank and his partner Gary like to refer to “PJ’s” as “an elegant dive bar,” so expect to find things like deep-fried nori rolls, tuna sashimi naan-bread pizza, bacon-wrapped shrimp and scallop po’boys, plus seafood specialites like Portuguese-style steamed littlnecks and seared scallops with local, seasonal vegetables.


Deep fried nori rolls at Pour Judgment.


Portuguese style steamed littlenecks, Pour Judgment, Newport, RI.

But the culinary team here still hasn’t forgotten their core pub food, and they do it better than anyone else in town. Their wings have won “Best of” awards in local circles and RI Monthly for years, and for good reason. They are dry-rubbed, baked slowly until fall-apart tender, then are deep-fried until crispy, and then bathed in a variety of succulent sauces, such as buffalo, teriyaki, or General Tsao. They are magnificent. The burger is also famous: each hand-formed patty is custom ground and infused with a subtle infusion of onions and peppers that are slow simmered in a sherry wine reduction, giving the burgers unparalleled juiciness and levels of flavor. And they continue the burger and beer special that was a favorite of the former Friends bar: you can pick up a burger & beer with fries starting at $9.50 (that goes up depending on the type of burger, toppings, and beer selection). Probably the best burger deal anywhere.

But the best thing about Pour Judgement is the family, neighborhood feel. The owners and staff are always engaged in helping out a cause, or a regular, or someone in town. This is a place that gives back. You can’t help having a good time in this lively space, where locals and visitors of all ages and backgrounds gather to enjoy some of the best food, music, and beer in town. Maybe that’s why they like to call this spot “the soul of Broadway”. Check out the video below and better yet, stop on by Pour Judgment to see for yourselves why this is one of Newport’s favorite spots.

For more info go to: www.pourjudgementnewport.com

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