Twenty five years ago, Sue Lamond came back to her home town of Newport, Rhode Island, after spending a few years in Brooklyn. At that time, there wasn’t much in the way of ethnic, vegetarian or vegan cuisine that she had enjoyed in New York, so she decided to open up her own restaurant. She took over the space beneath her apartment in the somewhat gritty Broadway neighborhood of downtown Newport, and with the help of her mom and the Salvation Army store next door, decorated it with a tropical, funky theme, and created menu items with an international, somewhat spicy flair. One of the first items was the vegan pad thai, which she had to improvise a bit. The dish was a huge hit with locals and visiting friends, and twenty five years later, it’s still the most popular item on the menu. The Salvation is still a locals’ favorite, a “hidden gem” where you can find outrageously creative seafood, meat, and vegetarian options made from local fish, shellfish, and produce.


The world famous vegan pad thai at the Salvation.

Another long-standing favorite is the teriyaki salmon, with fried spinach and lemon- coconut rice.


Teriyaki salmon.

It’s not all seafood and vegan here, though. The menu changes seasonally, and there are always creative specials that draw on the Rhode Island cultural influences, especially  Italian and Portuguese.


Wild boar ragout

Their cocktail program is one of the best in town as well, and features things like their house mai tai, which uses rum soaked in amaretto barrels.


Some of the best tropically influenced cocktails in town at Salvation.


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Image Gallery:

  • The Salvation Cafe, Newport, Rhode Island
    a favorite with a funky, tropical theme
  • The Salvation's famous Mojito
  • Vegan pad thai
    Salvation's original, signature dish
  • teriyaki_salmon
    Teriyaki glazed salmon
    with lemon-coconut jasmine and fried spinach
  • Rhode Island style calamari
    with hot peppers
  • salvation_cafe_cocktails
    Salvation Cafe craft cocktails
    Echo the tropical theme of the restaurant
  • Hand-crafted cheese burger
    with brie, arugula, and pepadew ketchup
  • Boar bolognese special
    with house gnocci