Ask anyone where to go on Federal Hill and you’ll get lots of advice, and lots of different opinions on which places are the best. Which is not a surprise considering the neighborhood’s hundred-year plus history as the epicenter of Italian culture in Rhode Island. But almost everyone will agree on one must-visit place: Venda Ravioli. Venda Italian market an deli has been the center of the neighborhood for over seventy-five years, and has recently expanded to include Constantino’s Venda Ristorante and Wine Bar, just across the expansive outdoor courtyard and fountain that draws hundreds of diners each night in the summer months. Venda is obviously famous for their homemade pasta, which comes in every single variety imaginable. But that’s just the beginning: within the market and deli you can find almost every single ingredient you could ever want to make an authentic Italian dish, most of it imported directly from Italy. Take a tour of this iconic spot with owner Alan Constantino, who gives us insight into the Italian way of cooking and food. After head over to Constantino’s Venda, where executive Chef Anthony Chiero prepares a couple of their most famous dishes.

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  • The courtyard between Venda and Constantino's
    a summertime favorite spot
  • Venda Italian Market and deli
    has an astounding selection of olives from all over Europe
  • The Venda deli
    has every kind of cold cut and salami you can imagine
  • The cheese counter at Venda
    a huge assortment of Italian, European and domestic cheese
  • The Italian Sandwich
    loaded with salami, cappicola, ham, provolone, hot peppers, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato and onion
  • lobster_ravioli_venda
    Lobster ravioli
    the world famous lobster ravioli with shrimp and pink vodka sauce
  • eggplant_agnolotti
    Eggplant and cheese agnolotti
    with sweet sausage and house marinara
  • House made cannoli
    Everything possible is made in-house at Venda